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808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal FAQ

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Does laser hair removal really work?
Laser beams damage the cellular structures that grow hair, so even in one session you will notice a dramatic decrease in hair growth. However expect to get laser hair removal at least once every 6 months to maintain a long term effect of hairlessness. 
Does it hurt?
Nope, not at all. In the past, laser hair removal was incredibly painful even with numbing cream.With our technology, numbing cream IS NOT NEEDED anymore. You will feel some kind of heat, or a sensation like plucking on areas like the upper lip, knees and shins, as those are the only parts of the body that feel a mild sensation.
Are there any negative side effects?
NO! Laser hair removal is in the spectrum of light that 1) does not ever cause cancer, and 2) does not penetrate deep enough to affect muscles, bones or organs. It’s simple science how laser allows for the disabling of hair growth safely.
Is it safe?
YES! Absolutely. Lasers are in use everywhere and for everything, from Lasik eye surgery to shrinking pores and even tightening of the skin on the face and body.
How many treatments do I need?
At least 6-10 sessions. Every 6 months thereafter you will need to have one treatment to maintain your results.
How long do the sessions take?
Treatments like full face, bikini or underarms usually take 15-20 minutes. Treatments like full legs, full back and other large surface area treatments will take about 45 minutes-60 minutes.
Will I have any redness after the session?
No. Most of our clients have redness subside before they leave our office. Make-up or tinted sunscreen can be applied immediately afterward to mask any redness.
Is there anyone who should not get laser?
Not anymore! With our technology, we can treat EVERY skin tone SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY. Technologies used in the past prohibited those of skin type 4, 5 and 6 from being treated. These people were at an extreme risk of scarring and therefore advised against getting laser hair removal. Just to be safe, we always do a test patch on you to make sure your skin will not have any adverse reactions whatsoever.
How should I take care of my skin after a treatment?
Use lots of sunscreen (you should be using one daily anyway) and hydrate your skin more than you normally do. Avoid really hot showers, steam-rooms or saunas for at least 2 days (just to give your skin a rest).
What will I look like after I get a treatment?
Hairless and hot! Like the Genie, she’s so smooth.
What are the advantages of laser VS threading, waxing and shaving?
Threading is an ancient hair removal method that uses a piece of thread to twirl around hair to pull it out. It’s very painful especially when the thread pinches your skin. Waxing was created by the devil.

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