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About fractional Co2 laser treatment

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The treatment period of fractional laser
Generally speaking, the fractional laser treatment period of blain holes, pitting scars is 3 to 5 times and the time interval is 1 ~ 3 months. The part that laser penetrates directly forms small white spots in the shape of matrix, and the surrounding skin activates lateral repair mechanism immediately, so in 8 hours, the epidermis will heal completely.
After 3 to 6 days, the decrustation of small white spots makes the skin recover to its normal appearance and the inner collagen can regenerate for 6 months even for 3 years.
From the point of the present treatment effects, fractional laser treatment has little relation to human species that means the curative effects are almost the same but different skins have different reactions towards laser.
The target of fractional laser is water, so CO2 fractional laser is appropriate for all skin colors. Another advantage of fractional laser is that it can scatter the faculas with dense and huge energy into hundreds of minute focal spots. It scatters heat symmetrically, relieves pain greatly and reduces the side-effects of laser treatment
Clinical Applications
CO2 laser possesses the functions of cutting and grinding skin, vaporizing tissues, stopping bleeding, fusion, ablation and sterilization, etc. It promotes the quick healing and reconstruction of skin, remodeling and regeneration of collagen. Fractional laser equipment possesses multi-heads. Customers can change the treatment heads to produce multiple uses.
1. Laser resurfacing surgery
2. Laser wrinkle removal surgery
3. Laser scar removal surgery
4. Laser blepharoplasty
5.Other applications: Removal of pimented naevus, chloasmas, freckles, age pigments, warts, seborrheic keratosis, syringoma, acnes, milia, striae gravidarum; Pore shrinkage; Skin tightening; Laser hair transplant; Laser breast augmentation; Laser hair removal, and etc.

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