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Long Pulse 1064nm Laser

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Fiber Long Pulsed ND: YAG Laser Machine

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                            Fiber Long Pulsed ND: YAG Laser Machine

Product Introduction
1064nm can reach the roots of hair follicles because of its long wavelength, so that the epidermis absorbs less heat.
Laser energy can be basically absorbed by melanin in hair follicles. In this way, the energy utilization rate of the laser beam is high and the thermal effect of the tissue around the hair is small, so the long-pulse 1064nm laser with large energy can be well applied in the field of laser hair removal.
The LK-LP laser developed by our company has an output energy of up to 50J, large adjustable range of pulse width: 0.5-50ms, adjustable range of repetition frequency: 0.3-10Hz. At the same time, it can realize long-term stable operation, and the energy fluctuation is less than 3%.
The laser is coupled to output through an optical fiber, and through the hand tool developed by our company can achieve 2mm-10mm diameter spot output to meet different customer needs.

The LP-1064 hand tool developed by our company is suitable for the 1064nm long pulse laser hair removal instrument. By designing the internal light path system, it is possible to control the diameter of the light spot at the end of the hand tool by adjusting the sliding thread on the surface of the hand tool. The adjustable range of spot diameter: 2mm-10mm, which can meet various treatment occasions. The hand tool has a built-in refrigeration system, which can ensure the low temperature operation of the treatment head at the end of the hand tool, and protect the skin from damage during treatment. In addition, the system comes with a red indicator light, which can ensure precise positioning during treatment.

Laser model LK-LP
Wavelength 1064nm
Output mode Fiber coupling
Output energy (fiber coupling end) 50J
Energy fluctuation (RMS) <3%
Repetition frequency 0.3-10Hz
Pulse width 0.5-50ms
Power supply 2000w
Cooling method Water Cooling
Required cooling capacity of water 1000w
Warm-up time <5min

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