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RF Non-contact Body Slimming

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Product Description



I. Overview 

Thank you for having our body back knees necks warming body massage device for home usage family relaxing body warm parents massage usage.


Our instrument uses the far-infrared heating technology on the handle to warm up the body, and it has no effect on the appropriate parts of the guest's body, thereby promoting blood circulation, accelerating metabolism, and promoting physical health. It is often used for massage studio usage or hotel customer services, and daily home massage, etc.


II. Functions

1. body skin relaxing

2. body deep warming massage use 

3. muscle warming and relaxing

4. blood circulation activity with warming heating.

5. make clients feeling more comfortable than before.


III. Deep Heating (with LED light energies):

a. Enhances blood circulation and increases oxygen dissociation from oxyhemoglobin.

b. Facilitates fibroblast activity.

c. Increases metabolism of body waste excluding faster.

d. Improves body tired condition. 

V. Physical products display

Technical Parameters:                                      

Product name: Home massage device
Power voltage: AC220V/AC110V, 50/60Hz
Model code EM-01
Accessories Power Plug, frame, screws, led bulbs.
Net Weight 66kgs
Gross weight 76.5kgs
Package Standard box for airfreight shipment.


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