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755/808/1064nm Diode Laser

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NEWEST 755nm 808nm 1064nm Combined Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Why Diode Laser for hair removal ?
Laser hair removal technology emerged and proliferated in the past decade to become the "gold standard" for the treatment of unwanted/excessive hair.And clinically proven,laser technology for permanent hair reduction has yet to achieve good safety and efficacy standards.There is a widely recognized need for an improved method for hair removal which heats the hair follicles to a sufficient temperature for hair removal while delivering a minimal amount of thermal energy to the epidermis.

With Germany imported diode laser,half treatment time. Perform more treatment sessions in less time,allowing you to quickly treat larger areas, while offering your patients the fastest and more effective hair removal feelings.
The most popular 755nm Diode laser which replace the solid state alexandrite diode laser nad have a more comfortable treatment. It is effective for melanin to absorb 755nm diode laser. This characteristic is good for villi hair removal when people use 755nm diode laser treatment handle. And the treatment time is getting shorter.
New experience for specialized darker skin hair removal 1064nm laser, 1064nm wavelength hair removal treatment will be safer expecially for dark skin, skin rejuvenation, performance well, and strong power cooling function, treatment comfortable and safe.

Adbanges of of 755nm/808nm/1064nm Diode Laser

1. Newest hair removal technology;
2. Suitable for all skin types, all colors;
--755nm diode laser, especially good for very thin hair on white skin people and effective for hairs in anagen and telogen.
--808nm diode laser, is suitable fro black hair on the yellow skin or the light skin.
--1064nm diode laser, is very good for hair removal on dark skin people.
3. Save Space, 3 wavelengthes in one machine;
4. Cut budget, one machine with 3 machine functions;
5. Long time work;
6. High quality and energy, 100% imported preminum germany laser bar.


Light Source Diode laser
Wavelength 808nm/810nm(808nm+ 755nm+1064nm)
Output Power 800W (1200W for option)
Output Energy 1-90J/cm2
Pulse width 10-400ms adjustable
Pulse frequency 1-20Hz
Spot size 12*15 mm (12*20mm for option)
Cooling system Thermal electric cooling + water cooling+ Air cooling+sapphire contact cooling for laser head
Crystal temperature 0-4°C
LCD screen 8.0 inch 24 color multi color touch screen
Power requirement AC220V±10%、50Hz, AC110V±10%、60Hz
Laser water temperature 30°C
Net Weight 60kg
Dimension 560×380×110 (mm)


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