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Picory-Latest Portable Adjustable Pigmentation Removal

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Picory-Latest Portable Adjustable Pigmentation Removal
Working principle

Power 1000W
Spot Diameter 1mm to 9.5 mm adjustable
Frequency 1Hz to 10Hz
Interface 10 Inches LCD Screen/ 13 inches screen chassis 
Energy range
532nm :10mj-2000mj/ 755nm/1320nm :10mj-2000mj/ 1064nm :10mj-2000mj
YAG bar  od 7mm
Aiming beam 1-5 level
Wavelength 1064/532/1320/755nm
Work mode 755/532/1034nm
System Self Inspection
Temperature Sensor Detection, Handle Detection, Water Flow Sensor, Memory Detection, Cooling Test, Machine Temperature Detection. Power Supply Detection

Physical Product Detailed Images:

Available for various face and skin problems:
• Acne spot peeling
• Age Spots on the skin removing
• Black tattoos removing
• Birthmark removing
• Carbon peeling skin whitening
• Multiple Colorful tattoos removing
• Micro-pigmentation lesion 
• Melasma removing
• Mole treatment removing
• Nevus of Ota removing
• Spidermark removing

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