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Q-Switched Nd:Yag Laser

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Nd:Yag Laser

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532nm 1064nm 1320nm Nd:Yag laser for tattoo removal and black doll

Yttrium-Aluminum-garnet (Nd: YAG) laser. The laser treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoos are based on principle of selected photothermolysis. Selective thermolysis can be applied towards the removal of tattoos. The energy delivered by a number of different lasers is targeted towards the carbon particles or dyes that are found in skin tattoos, allowing selective destruction of the foreign pigment while minimizing damage to the surrounding skin.
1. Removal tattoo, eyeliner, eye brow, remove black, red, blue, all kinds of color pigment
2. Remove dermis spot, fleck, black nevus, age pigment, birthmark and Nevus of Ota
3. The 1064nm wavelength mainly for black, blue, cyan pigment
4. The 532nm wavelength mainly for red, coffee, brown pigment
5. The black doll mainly for deep skin cleaning with carbon mask


Light source ND:YAG solid laser
Wavelength 532nm 1064nm 1320nm Black Doll
Frequency 1-6HZ adjustable
Spot size 1-6mm adjustable
Energy power output 500W
Pulse Energy 1-1000MJ
Bar Phai7 & Phai8
Infrared Targeting Available
Cooling system Water cooling+air cooling
Power source AC220V±10%V,60 HZ±1 Z
AC110v±10%V, 50 HZ±1 HZ
Fuse T5AL250V Ø5×25
Net weight 18kg
Machine Size 40*37*42cm
Packing Size 54*47*57cm


532nm 1064nm for tattoo removal with  q switch nd yag laser

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