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Q-Switched Nd:Yag Laser

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2022 Picosecond Laser

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2022 Professional 4 IN 1 Nd yag laser with 1064nm 532nm 1320nm 755nm for all kinds of pigmentations rmeoval

Product description

Working Principle of Portable picosecond laser:

Nd Yag Laser use the principle------ laser instantly emits high energy, effectively crushs and removes the pigment in the diseased tissue. The pigment rapidly explodes and cracks when heated rapidly. The superficial epidermis immediately pops out of the body. The deep pigmentation of the basement tissue breaks into fine granular metabolism. It gradually fades until it disappears. The laser energy is strongly absorbed by melanin and hemoglobin, while the surrounding normal skin tissue does not form any damage because it does not absorb laser light of a fixed wavelength.


What is Focus Lens Array?

The Picosecond Focus Lens Array redistributes energy into high intensity and low intensity areas that lighten skin pigmentation.

The absorbed high intensity energy creates an intra-epidermal zone of Laser Induced Optional Breakdown (LIOB), The formation of LIOBs create a Pressure Wave that stimulates new collagen and elastin which provides the skin with a more youthful appearance.


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Applications of Portable picosecond laser:

1. Removing the pigment skin pathological changes, the pigmentation caused by color pigment mixture, Pore remove,Face lift.

2. Removing the corium spots, freckle, mole, birthmark, nevus of Ota etc.

3. Specialized  in  removing  red  capillary,  coffee,  brown,  black,  cyan  and  other colorized tattoos.

4. Effectively remove all kinds of embroider eyebrow, soak lip, eye line, and lip line.

5.  Skin rejuvenation: skin care and etc..


Treatment heads for

755nm--Pigment removal

1064nm--Black/blue tattoo removal

532nm--Coffee/red tattoo removal

1320nm--Skin rejuvenation

2018 Beauty Salon Equipment New Laser For Tattoo Removal Portable Picosecond Laser Machine.jpg


Detailed images 

Product parameters


Light source

ND:YAG solid laser




1-10HZ adjustable

Spot size

2-10mm adjustable

 Energy power output

755nm/1064nm: 100-1000J/cm²

532nm: 50-600J/cm²

 Cooling system

Water cooling+Air cooling

Power source

AC220V±10%v, 50HZ±1HZ   AC110V±10%v,60HZ±1HZ 


 T5AL250V   T10AL250V   Ø5×20 

Input power


Weight (net) 



Before and after

 Portable home use Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Q Switched Nd Yag Laser Picosure.png

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