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New Picosecond Laser-P1

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Newest portable picosecond laser for tattoo melanin pigmentation fine lines removal 

Principles of Treatment
Because the laser of a specific wavelength can reach the diseased pigment tissue through the epidermis and dermis, it only affects the pigment particles, so there is little or no damage to the epidermis of the skin, and no obvious damage to the texture of the skin, so there will be no left on the skin. scar. Use laser to emit high energy instantly to effectively smash and remove the pigment in the diseased tissue. The corresponding pigment cluster is rapidly expanded by heat and bursts instantly. Most or all of the epidermal pigment cluster is ejected out of the body immediately, and a part of the dermal pigment cluster is fragmented into a human The small particles engulfed by macrophages in the body, after being swallowed by macrophages, are finally excreted through the circulation of the lymphatic system in the body. The color base of the diseased tissue will gradually fade until it disappears, and the surrounding normal skin tissue will hardly be damaged because it does not absorb the laser of a fixed wavelength.

Treatment range
Mainly used to remove pigmented skin lesions, pigmentation caused by mixed pigmentation and traumatic pigmentation
Shock wave effect:
The melanin chromophore absorbs ultrashort pulses of specific wavelengths (Q-switch 755nm, 1064nm, 532nm) and instantly explodes, destroying the pigment target tissue.
Light and heat effect:
The melanin chromophore absorbs a certain wavelength of long pulse width stimulation (800nm, 30-100ms) and destroys the pigment target tissue (hair removal).
High peak power and photoacoustic shock wave crush the pigment particles, and then activate the phagocytosis of macrophages to clear the pigmented lesions.

Green laser, wavelength 532nm
Penetration is shallow, used to treat epidermal pigment diseases
Very effective for freckles and sunspots
Oxyhemoglobin is well absorbed, which can lead to purpura and pigmentation
Near-infrared laser wavelength 1064nm
Deep penetration
It has advantages for dark-skinned people
Very effective in treating tattoos and Ota moles

Near infrared laser, wavelength 755nm
Melanin removal effect is good and side effects are small
Skin rejuvenation, whitening
1064nm treatment indications:

Ota mole, brown mole, pigmentation
Remove tattoos, eyebrows, eyeliner
Treat melasma
Treatment of acne and acne scars
Removal of fine hair (lip hair)

Technical Parameters

Type Pico laser
Power 2000W
Energy 50-5000mj
Screen 10.4inch touch screen
Wavelengths 532mn 755nm 1064nm
Spot Size 2-10mm
Treatment methods SP, PTP,LP
Machine Shell

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