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Water Oxgen

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                          Water oxygen & Spa vacuum

Product brief introduction

 Applying the theory of water displacement and low pressure, the vacuum spa can solve the respiration difficulty of the skin .Also, it can dredge lymph, clear out the dirt on the epidermis,eliminate the cutin produced in epidermis metabolism and purify the water of the inner circumstance polluted by pigment.With the humanism design of carving net of different densities and suitable for all type of skin.The oxygen and nutrient solution fully together, deep clean the skin, effectively improve the metabolism of cells, make skin instantly recover healthy, moist and luster.


1. Remove spots 
2. Remove acne 
3. Cleaning 
4. Tender skin 
5. Remove wrinkle 
6. Grow hair
7. Beauty skin and create a young condition of skin

Product parameters      

Input AC220V~230V/50~60Hz ;AC100V~110V/50~60Hz
Power ≤820 VA
Water mist particle velocity ≤230 m/s
Built-in air output pressure ≤8 kg
Water mist particle diameter ≤80 um
pressure ≥ 0.25MPa
N.W 22kg
Packing size(cm) 54*118*73
Packing form Wooden case

Machine deatails

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