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GMS4472A water spa massage beauty bed

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                            GMS4472A water spa massage beauty bed

It offers everything you need for face and whole body, creates a rich experiential setting for all types of treatments. It's removable, soft upholstery top can be exchanged for illuminated, water-filled cushions to create a dramatic water bed with ultimate comfort for any massage treatment.
1. Comfortable for facials and sturdy for massage.
2. 4 powerful actuators adjust height, back rest, incline, and leg support.
3. Up to 3 programmable memory positions can be stored in the hand held control and the table will automatically adjust itself to a desired position.    
4. 8cm (3.15”) plush upholstery for maximum comfort. 
5. Compact 52cm (20.47") base allows therapist a wide working area.
6. Beautiful hardwood cabinet base provides additional storage.
7. Arm rests lower with 2 gas lifts. Head rest tilts up and down.
8. Smart-Thermal Micro-Processors all you to adjust the temperature: the surface of upholstery.


Product Name Luxury electric 4 motors water SPA Bed
Model NO. GMS4472A
Function For Massage
Structure Superior steel structure + Wood
Leather Masterial Luxury durable PU/PVC leather
Cushion 8 cm thickness high density sponge
Adjustable Part Backrest, height, leg part(electric) / Armrest (manually)
Motor Number 4 pieces

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