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Facial steamer

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Product Feature:
1) New appearance, stainless steel setting base, built-in ultraviolet strip lamp, threaded water cup setting and flush bonding airproof ring design, avoid water and gas leakage greatly.
2) It not only has the basic function, but also micro-computer control, third gear mist setting, automatically monitor water level. This machine owns automatically monitor warning system of ultimate high-low water level, in case low water level to harm the heating groups or cause the spray water hidden trouble due to too high water level. Meanwhile, eliminate the safe trouble caused by the steamer turn on without water.
1)     Soften the dead cells on the surface skin for the next cleaning treatment.
2)     Stretch skin pore for deep cleaning.
3)     Permeate into the skin pore, Soften the cumulated oil dirt, blackhead, cosmetic remain and dirt, which make the next cleansing treatment more efficient.
4)     Help the skin pore to exclude toxin.
5)     Soften wrinkle temporarily.
6)     It can accelerate blood circumfluence, add water to cell, and improve the metabolism and self-regeneration of skin cell.
7)     Applying the proper Chinese herbal medicine during the steam treatment, it can improve the effect of curing acnes, black spot and whiten, nourish skin.
8)     With aromatherapy treatment,stimulating the partial nerve and nursing the physical function in effective way. 
Specifications and Technical Data:
Product Name Micro-Computer Herbal Aromatherapy Ion Facial steamer
Function Herbal/Aromatherapy/Ion Facial Steamer
Rated Voltage/Power AC. 110-130V/700W
AC. 220-240V/850W
Working Frequency 50/60HZ
Dimension 101*39*27 CM
N.W 5.5 KG

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