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Precise anti-aging 3D carving

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Hot Sale precise anti-aging 3D carving equipment for face lifting beauty equipment

Ultrasonic Parallel Beam 
Technology (IUB)
Bunching effect, more thermal stimulation points are covered, and the effect is more obvious
Super Cooling System (ECS)
Super cooling system to protect the epidermis and improve the comfortof use 
Pulsed RF Radio Frequency
Technology (PRF)
Pulse RF high energy monopolar radio frequency, deep dual-action anti-aging, better lifting and firming efect

1. Non-invasive
2. Suitable for all skin types
3. Clinically proven technology
4. Quick / 30- 40 minutes
5. High feedback satisfaction
6. Safe and effective 

Product Features
Solve multiple skin problems
Young and firm. Facial liting, full thickness anti grief, delicate transformation.
Contour customization. Fascia lifting. Safe and effective


Item parameter
handle configuration Single handle
electricity demand 220V50/60Hz
screen size 12.1 inches
Ultrasound 11M
RF frequency 3M
refrigeration -5℃/+15℃
Size 40*60*73(cm)
Weight 40KG

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