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Ultramage HIFU Lipo

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GOMECY Ultramage HIFU Lipo Water Meso Vaginal

Treatment principle

1. Emergency response: Focusing surface is formed by radio frequency electric field. At a depth of about 2.6 ~ 3mm under the skin, it strongly impacts the dermal tissue, and the stimulated capillaries mistakenly think that the tissue is injured. When a help signal is sent, a large amount of collagen will be generated For repair, collagen molecules are gradually assembled into an orderly collagen, thereby achieving the effect of firming and wrinkling.
2. Lonization and penetration: Radio frequency electric field can change the point distribution of the cell membrane cross section, affect the electron and ion concentration around the cell membrane, thereby improving the permeability of the cell membrane. Through the depolymerization reaction of the radio frequency electric field, open the water ion channel of the cell membrane, and strengthen the intercellular Permeability. At the same time, the ionized water and nutrients on the epidermis can easily penetrate the dermal tissue under the effect of the electromagnetic wave focusing gravity.
3. Fat melting reaction: When the radio frequency electric field is applied to the skin tissue, the ratio of the temperature increase of the subcutaneous fat to the temperature of the dermal tissue is 8: 1. After adipose tissue absorbs energy, it is softened, contracted, and broken down, making the skin firm and elastic.


For face and body

Removes wrinkles, fine lines on face , eyes , neck , body 

Tighten and lift the sagging skin 

Get rid of cellulite 

Fade scars , stretch marks 

For women's intimate

Uses radio frequency to tighten the inner vagina walls.

Increases vagina moisture.

Strengthens vagina muscles.

Improves painful intercourse.

Improves vaginal looseness.

Increases vaginal strength.

Reduces urinary leakage.

Service  OEM Available
Product  Ultramage
Handle (Optional)






Treatment part  Eyes/Face/Breast/Arm/Body/Buttock/Thigh/Vaginal
Color  White
Screen  12.1 inch touch screen
Hifu energy  0.2-2.0
Thermage energy  0.5-8.0
Liposonic energy  35-75
Meso gun energy  0-20
Package size   58*48*45cm
Gross/Package weight  20KGS/25KGS

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