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                                                    9D HIFU+LIPO

Instrument introduction

The ultrasonic focusing is guided by the unique high-energy focusing ultrasonic wave to the SMAS layer, the SMAS fascial suspension is improved, the sag and the relaxation problem of the face are comprehensively solved, the energy of the ultrasonic wave is accurately positioned on the subcutaneous 4.5 mm fascia layer, the muscle growth of the fascia layer is achieved, the shaping and the pulling are achieved, The best effect of tightening. The collagen layer is applied to the subcutaneous 3 mm, so that the collagen is reborn, the skin is restored to the elasticity, the skin is whitened, the wrinkle is removed, the pores and the like are recovered, and meanwhile, the skin is swept through the skin, so that the skin is completely free of fear of skin injury, and the skin can be rapidly pulled and compact, quick caress The effect of leveling wrinkles! 

Matters needing attention

◆Before using the instrument, the skin in the physiotherapy area should be cleaned to avoid dirt entering the skin with the ultrasonic wave or preventing the penetration of the ultrasonic wave.
◆Before treatment, please remove all metal objects from the body first, so as to avoid unpredictable conditions and affect the curative effect;
◆It is better to use the medium to have a certain viscosity, which is beneficial to the better fusion of ultrasonic wave and skin, to prevent the reflection caused by the gap, which is not conducive to the better conduction of sound
◆Each treatment area can not be repeated to avoid skin redness and swelling;
◆The degree of probe heat does not represent the output of ultrasonic power. The water agent or drug with small concentration should not permeate directly, otherwise it is easy to cause dry skin.




Input power

110V~220v 50Hz

Power of complete machine


Energy size

Product color

Black and white                        

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